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Waterproofing & Regrouting Your Tiles in Canberra ACT

Waterproofing & Regrouting Canberra ACT

Improper waterproofing can cause problems like water leakage and seepage; plus it can make your tiles look ugly. It is commonly happening in your kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. We understand that problem and we know that leakage is a big deal. It can cause bigger problems if not given attention right away. Tile regrouting is the best way to solve the problem and it will make your tiles looking great again.  This method is highly recommended for sealing and water sealing. 

What is regrouting? It is a process where those messy and in bad shaped lines in between the tiles are replaced with new ones.  It is putting a specialized liquid designed for waterproofing and sealing tile floors. This may sound easy but if not done properly, it can cause more problems like leaking showers and floors. Therefore, it requires an experienced team like Tiles Canberra Professionals as it involves a lot of steps to be successful.

Possible areas of regrouting:

  • Indoor and outdoor walls
  • Bathrooms and showers walls
  • Common areas’ floors
  • Kitchen splashback tiles
  • Floors in balconies and garage
  • Pavers and patio areas
  • Pool surroundings

What are the reasons for regrouting?

  • Grout lines are crumbling
  • Grout lines are stained and seem impossible to remove
  • Grout lines are cracked
  • Showers are leaking
  • Grout lines are missing
  • Balcony floors are leaking
  • You want to change the colour of grout

Grout Maintenance

We are here to help you with our simple and cost-effective way to restore your areas. Keep in mind that with proper maintenance of your tiled areas, you can avoid higher costs because of repairs.

Just keep it clean. Cleaning the grout means scrubbing it down at least once a year. Apply a grout sealer with high quality to keep liquid out. Replace immediately if the grout shows cracking and crumbling. 

Why choose us?

Tile Canberra Professionals is the answer to your waterproofing and regrouting needs. We have a skilled and hardworking team that is geared with all the needed equipment and materials for the project. 

We have extensive experience on regrouting; therefore, we sum up the following steps to give the best finished results :

  1. We carefully checked all the affected areas. Because regrouting without checking any underlying issues results to just a temporary solution.

  2. We discussed the processes to our clients. This method consumes a lot of time. Therefore, the affected areas should not be used at least 24 hours after the application.

  3. We use high-end equipment to remove the old grout in order to avoid damages to the tiles.

  4. We use a special solution on cleaning the grout lines

  5. Based on our client’s preference, we installed the new grout. You should enjoy the end-result because we aim your satisfaction.

  6. We make sure that the new grout installed is sealed carefully and professionally. We want the result to be long-lasting.

We are experts in waterproofing and sealing in the areas of Canberra. We know the right grouting tools and equipment for the problem that will surely secure your tiles from any damages. Here are some of the tools and equipment we use for resealing:

  1. Grout float

It is used to easily pick up the grout before the application for resealing. We can also use it to remove the excess grout.

  1. Grout bag

It is like a bag used for decorating cakes with creams. It is specially used for colored grout on unglazed tiles.

  1. Grout sponge

It is used after the grout application. It is used to remove the excess grout on tiles before it dries.

  1. Striking tool

This tool is very helpful in achieving your grout preference. It can shape and design the grout giving a great finish you are looking for.

The common problem we encounter in places like bathrooms, kitchen sinks, basins, etc is stained, crumbling or missing grout. 

They can really affect the overall appearance of tiles. If you don’t pay attention and address these problems immediately, it can cause more repairs in the future that will surely cost you more.

Tiles Canberra Professional uses high-end grouts in different colours.  We are also well-equipped with the right tools for the problem. Excellent work quality is what we can guarantee. Call us today for a flexible quote or to schedule an appointment.  

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