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Are you planning to build a new home or modernizing areas of your house? Tile Canberra Professionals can help transform any house. And the first step in realizing that goal is tile flooring. Interior flooring is the best idea if you are creating a vision for a beautiful house.  


There are a variety of tiles to choose from in many parts of your house. There are different colours, sizes, and finishes.  We offer a range of selection on tile flooring installation based on your style and budget. And Tile Canberra Professionals are continually making great effort to meet and even exceed the needs of our customers. Our top priority is customer satisfaction by giving the finest results in each installation.

These are the types that you can consider for your dream house:

Vinyl Tile 

This kind is perfect for both commercial and residential flooring. In fact, it is the number one choice for commercial buildings. Why? Because it is a long-lasting and low-maintenance; plus it is not expensive but still attractive.  It is highly recommended for commercial kitchens since it is water-resistant and can also resist very high temperatures.


Stain- Resistant Porcelain 

This type of tile is best for kitchen floors. It is a better choice compared to natural stones for kitchens. Since the kitchen can be the busiest part of the house, it is prone to stains; therefore using porcelain for its base is a great idea. Porcelain can also enhance the lighting of your kitchen especially if you opt to pale colors.

Reclaimed Wood

This might be a traditional style for interior floors but remains a trend in interior designing; like modern hardwood. This interior option has a moisture-resistant ability. It is also low-maintenance and affordable. 

Cut-and-Loop Carpet

It is a trend in these modern days to use this combination of interior flooring especially at the center of the living room. This type is cost-effective and low-maintenance. They can add an accent to your house as it provides varieties of color and patterns.


Tiles Canberra Professionals wants you to be well-informed on making decisions for your home. So here are a few tips to help you with your selection:

  1. Choose the right one for your needs. We listed above the different interior floor tiles that you can choose for your space. So decide which type meets your needs. It is more than the design, it is also best to consider which one serves the purpose for a long time.
  1. Choose the best size for your space. There are different sizes to choose from. Experts stated that large tiles can make your room look spacious. But it is recommended to choose the size of your tiles based on your room size. Therefore, if you’re space is not that big, it is advised to use medium size tiles like 250x350mm.
  1. Choose the finest finish. Creating patterns and designs on a tile is fun, but it should not be the only factor to consider. Choosing the finest finish is also important. We have to consider the kind of finish in each room. For example,  bedrooms need a warm and relaxing vibe; and restaurants should have a safe and welcoming finish.
  1. Choose the right color. It is best to choose light colours  because it can make your space look spacious; and darker colours for outdoors space-- like walkways because it is easier to maintain.
  1. Plan ahead of time. We suggest that you buy more tiles than what you actually need-- about 5-10% additional tiles. Just in case there will be breakages.


  1. Choose the right grout. It is better to choose a grout that matches your tile colour instead of using the contrast one. It is more elegant to make the grout less visible as possible.


We have over 10 years of experience in the tile flooring installation in Canberra. We can definitely help you! 

We know our products and services and we aim to achieve a vision that is 100% perfect for your home.

The hardworking team of Tiles Canberra Professionals is always available to reach out to your interior flooring installation concerns. Just dial 02-8188-4538 and we will be more than happy to help you.


Your satisfaction means more to us than anything here.

That is why we offer our special one of a kind 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not happy with our end results we will go to all.

We promise to go above and beyond.

Imagine walking into your new tiled room fully glistening and clean.

Some new tile smell.

This is how our customers must feel when we leave.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our no shine no going home policy. 

You get what you pay for and then some, now matter what.

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