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How Much Does Tiling Cost in Canberra?

For centuries, decorating our house includes tiling. It is the most preferred choice for people who want to renovate spaces or building a new home.  But doing this job is not as easy as counting 1,2,3. That is why it is better to rely on professional tilers to see a result that is worth your money and time. In this article, we gathered this guide to get you into details of how much a tiler can possibly cost. 

Can I DIY Tiling job?

DIY on a tiling job is ABSOLUTELY, not a good idea. It is not that easy as you think. Tiling is a highly technical job that is not for the unqualified. You will just be risking on ruining your area even more that will surely demand you to find a reliable tiler to fix it right away. In this case, it can cost you even more.


But first, what are the jobs of a tiler? Tilers can provide these services but not limited to:

  • They prepare the area.
  • They cut and lay the tiles on floors and walls.
  • They apply grout.
  • They resurface the tile.
  • They remove tiles.
  • They apply waterproofing to the area that needs to be.


Now the question is, how much does it cost to hire a tiler?

The cost of a tiler depends on how demanding the job is. For example, if it needs a lot of cutouts and has complicated patterns and details, then you need to pay more. It also depends on the size and area of the space that needs to be tiled.  You also have to consider where you live and the urgency of the job. To sum it up, you have to consider the following: access to your property; the complexity of your job; area size to be tiled; and choice in materials and tiler. It is a must to talk about these factors on your tiler so that unexpected costs during or after the job can be avoided.

Tilers can ask for an hourly or by job rate. Their rate ranges from $45 to $150 per hour. On average for a per square meter rate, you will be charged from $35 to $120. For bathroom tiles, you will be quoted $60 per square meter on average.  These do not include the tiles total cost.

But of course, before you have an appointment with a tiler, choose what kind of tiles you want in your space. We have the details on the types of tiles you can choose.

How much do tiles cost?

Well, it differs. But this factor is the major one to consider for any tiling job. Here is the gathered information regarding the cost but this is for your guide only as it is subject to change.


For Wall Tiles 

  • Standard White Ceramics ranges from $20-$28 per square meter.
  • Steel Grey Polished Porcelains is $68 per square meter
  • Handmade Spanish White Gloss Ceramic Subways is $86 per square meter
  • Artisan Manufactured Ceramics is $159 per square meter 


For Floor Tiles 

  • Ceramic or Porcelain tiles range from $35 to $50 per square meter
  • High-Quality Porcelain tiles are from $50 to $100 per square meter
  • High-Quality Natural Stone tiles ranges from $80-$130 per square meter


For Mosaic Tiles

  • One Pebble Effect mosaic sheet is around $33 for 300mm x 300mm
  • One Interlocking mosaic sheet is around $47 for 300mm x 290mm


You can make sure if you are hiring a  reliable tiler by asking these questions to yourself:

  • Are they qualified for the job that needs to be done?
  • Are they insured on working in your home?
  • How long does the predicted time to complete the job?
  • Does he have a written quote?
  • Does he have references for follow up?
  • Does he have examples of his past work?

Tilers can give you a flexible quote. These are the guide questions you can ask yourself for a fair comparison:

  • Does it include tiles?
  • Does it include preparation of the surface and removal of old tiles?
  • Does it include tile sealing, waterproofing (if necessary) and polishing?

To end this, let us give you two tips on how to save money when hiring a Tiler:

  1. Using the information above, make sure you hired the experienced tiler on the type of outcome that you want and will ensure to do it successfully. In this case, you can save for future costs on repairs.
  2. Tilers can purchase tiles at a  discount. Ask them the possible discounted price for your tile choice. In that case, your tile costs will be lower if you purchased it yourself.