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Commercial Tile Installation

If you want to achieve a great looking floor, tiling is the best idea. When we talk about tile installation for commercial purposes, we must carefully consider the type of tiles we will use.


There are different kinds of tiles that we can choose-- from the expensive one such as natural stones to something quite affordable like porcelain. So what’s the difference between the two?


It ‘s their durability. Natural stones offer high durability compared to porcelains. Moreover, consider those areas which have the possibility of being highly congested-- hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, and schools; they need special attention during installation and tile selection. 

We recommend using Commercial Grade Tile for your installation. It is made to sustain the high-traffic areas while keeping its purpose-- to remain attractive. Plus, a range of grout types can be used on their installation; but it depends on the flooring type.

Nowadays, we are considering how beautiful it looks like when we make our selection. But for this specific purposes, it is best to choose tiles that are simple but perfect for your building because they can leave the impression of elegance-- either it’s hardwood or stone. If you are planning a project on high-moisture areas such as pool, fountains, bathrooms or kitchen, porcelain floor tiles might be a perfect choice.

Here are the installation services we offer:

Commercial Bathroom Tile

It is necessary to be careful on choosing the tiles to be used for commercial bathrooms because it always holds water and commonly used in public places. We should not only consider the type of tiles but we also need to note the perfect pattern for the area.  We can provide you a variety of tiles to select for your commercial bathroom installation such as: 

  • Geometric and Reflective Tile
  • Ultra White Tiles
  • Brown Wooden Effect Tiles

If you are uncertain which is the best for your commercial property needs, you can call us. We will be more than happy to help you.

Commercial kitchen tiles:

Commercial kitchen floors are prone to heavy foot traffic and harsh conditions. Therefore, you must highly consider the tile and its quality.  If you choose the perfect tile-- shape, size, colour, and hardness for your commercial kitchen, you are guaranteed a flooring that is long-lasting. Another thing to consider is the tiles’ ability to endure extreme temperatures, safe surfaces for the staff and customers and so on. 

Here are some examples of tiles we can use for your commercial kitchen:

  • Quarry tile
  • Vinyl Commercial Flooring
  • Ceramic Tiles

Tiles Canberra Professionals will help you choose suitable tiles for your commercial kitchen. Just tell us your preference and we will make it possible for you.


Sellers display their products in showrooms. This type of commercial area should be attractive and eye-catching to customers.

Using tiles for showrooms’ floor and walls is a great idea and a lot of people now are practicing this concept.

Since showrooms are also a commercial area, the tile to be installed should have the hardness and long-lasting features.

Showrooms should leave the impression of returning to your place to buy, therefore we should use attractive and enticing tiles. 

These are commonly used for showrooms:

  • Terrazzo
  • Vinyl Tile 

Let us know your showroom tile needs. We will surely help you.

The process:

During the process of installation, we prepare the area first, then laying the tiles of your choice onto the floor, grouting and finally cleaning.  

Tiles Canberra Professionals has extensive experience for any kind of projects-- from the hospital, schools and any commercial property.

Our professional team has the best methods and technologies to guarantee the best finish for your tiling needs.

That’s why we are one of the most reliable installation companies in the area. Tiles Canberra Professionals is always here to start your enticing showroom-to-be. 


Your satisfaction means more to us than anything here.

That is why we offer our special one of a kind 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not happy with our end results we will go to all.

We promise to go above and beyond.

Imagine walking into your new tiled room fully glistening and clean.

Some new tile smell.

This is how our customers must feel when we leave.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our no shine no going home policy. 

You get what you pay for and then some, now matter what.

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